Our approach is different... and it works.

For each client, we tailor and structure their portfolio to meet their specific needs. Age, station in life, risk tolerance, and income needs are factors that we consider for each client.

Whatever the structure, each individual security selected for our portfolios will have been considered based on the following:

  • Quality of business—balance sheet strength, competitive advantage, management team
  • Dividends—higher than market average payout, increasing dividend trend
  • Liquidity
  • Market sentiment
  • Valuation metrics

For over three decades, our portfolio stock selection has been grounded in the same fundamental approach. We believe a diversified portfolio of investments based on the discipline we have developed is a path for success over the long-term.

At Washington Park, our investment strategy features a primarily fundamental, bottoms up approach to equity selection. There is not just one strategy that provides the best investment returns throughout all of the stages of an investment cycle. It is our experience that heeding traditional measures of value, most often, provides the level of consistency that we strive to attain in our investment portfolios.