Proud to be atypical.

Washington Park is an investment management firm with a focus on close client relationships and building portfolios aligned with client objectives and long-term goals. We take pride in our approach to investment management.

Our investments must meet stringent requirements for both value and sustained growth. We constantly conduct research and due diligence in order to manage downside risk, actively monitor current portfolio holdings and look for new opportunities for each client. Our hands-on approach requires us to consider current market conditions on a daily basis. We welcome the opportunity to guide you through our process. Get to know us today.


“Perhaps most important in our management of investment portfolios is our belief that our clients are best served when we have had the opportunity to discuss their individual portfolios with them. All of our accounts are managed individually—with attention being paid to each client’s income needs, age, and other sources of income or assets. The greater communication we have with our clients, the greater the likelihood that both they—and we—can react calmly during down market periods.”

—Larry Frager, Head Portfolio Manager